Advantages of BitLabs

Our monetization offers many advantages compared to traditional methods. Bitlabs can also beat other survey suppliers in the market.
Personalized Product
Every publisher can customize the product with just a few clicks, just as he needs it. All colors and icons can be adjusted via the dashboard. In addition, our team is always ready to create customized formats . Through the integration of our API, every publisher is able to customize the product to his app or website on his own.
Access to all Settings & Data
Each publisher has access to his own dashboard. There you can view all relevant numbers and adjust the settings for your own format display. The dashboard is constantly being developed and adapted to the wishes of the publishers.
Outstanding Performance
Bitlabs' mission is clear: to provide a unique mix of high revenues for the publisher and a great user experience . To achieve this goal in every case, we work every day to evaluate surveys correctly and create great direct partnerships with market research companies.
Access to all of them
We connect the major market research marketplaces with your users. Instead of prioritizing your own surveys in our mediation and thus losing independent optimization, we focus 100% on mediation. This way we can ensure that we always take the best survey from all partners and display it to the user.
Artificial Intelligence
Static algorithms
are history
Within the last two years, we have developed an AI that directly estimate new surveys correctly . This has increased our performance more than 8x-times. We have also been able to improve user experience by a factor of 2.4x , as fewer users have come into contact with bad surveys.
Comparison to the giant
Pollfish is the largest network for rewarded surveys with over 140,000 active apps. But does size always have to mean that you are the best? Here is a direct comparison of Bitlabs and Pollfish.
Independent Mediation
(No own surveys)
Publisher Share Rate
External Survey Sources
AI based performance
Free choose of
sorting parameters

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