Core Advantages of BitLabs

As an independent survey mediator, we thrive to supply your app with the best rewarded surveys available. Let’s go into the details of what we do and where we differentiate from competitors.

Example of how bitlabs can be customized


We think an Offer Wall shouldn’t feel like it’s taking over your app. Instead, we made ours to look just like your app so users feel right at home. Set up your own colours, In App Currency Symbols and change the look and feel of the offer wall. All changes are done from the dashboard and don’t require an update to your app.

Example of Bitlabs Dashboard

Self Service Dashboard

The dashboard gives you certainty about your earnings and allows you to make changes to the design of the offer wall. Switch between Offer Wall and other Services, add multiple apps, and configure your in-app economy. We add more features all the time to make sure you are in full control.

Girl with funnel showing the different bitlabs partners

Independent Survey Mediation

We take the guessing game out of integrating survey marketplaces. Partnering up with 6 leading survey marketplaces, we always have the right one available for each user. As an independent mediator, our mutual interest is to serve the highest paying, best performing surveys to your audience.

robot doing various tasks

Powered by AI. Static Algorithms are history.


Higher User Satisfaction


Better Performance

Over the past 2 years, we’ve developed our game-changing AI. It is trained to rank surveys for their quality and highest returns. Once that’s handled, it makes sure to match user interests with fitting surveys. The result: Users are happier and our performance skyrocketed.

BitLabs compared to other Rewarded Survey Providers

We are confident that BitLabs is the right fit for everyone who wants to advertise their app or service with market research. Being an independent mediator, we love transparency. Convince yourself of BitLabs by taking a look at our competitors.

Independent MediationYesNoNo
Publisher Share Rate50%30%Flat eCPM
Integrated Survey Networks746
Free Choice of sorting parametersYesNoNo
AI-based performance optimizationYesNoNo
Available IntegrationsAndroid SDK, WebAndroid, iOS, Unity & moreAndroid, iOS, Unity & more
API availableYesYesNo
Payment TermsNET 30NET 14NET 60
We did our best to create this table for you! However, we do not guarantee its accuracy as our fellow competitors may change terms or add features.

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