In-App Purchases have been around for years, but they have never been fully accepted by app users. If you are currently running an App on either the Google Play or App Store, you will know that most of your users have never made an In-App Purchase. Rewarded Surveys can be a great workaround to monetize your app, while elegantly avoiding the 30% cut Google and Apple take from In-App Purchases.

Few users make in-app purchases

Let‘s imagine a $0.99 Option to unlock a level in your app. At a relatively low price, you may think a lot of people would not think twice to buy it. However, as every app out there wants to sell their small extras, it adds up to a point where users decide not to spend any money. This feeling is elevated further by the impression that having downloaded a free app in the first place, paying for it later just doesn‘t feel right.

At this point, rewarded surveys solve the issue by being absolutely free to the user, but at the same time still generating revenue for the developers. But where is the difference to other forms of rewarded advertising?

Set up how much you want to earn with Rewarded Surveys

At first glance, an in-app purchase seems more reliable, as you know exactly what you will earn. This level is given back to publishers integrating BitLabs Rewarded Surveys in their app. Here’s a small rundown of how BitLabs can replace your in-app purchase.

Switch to Direct Link, Fixed Reward

Select Direct Link Fixed Reward in the Settings Tab of our BitLabs Publisher Dashboard

While a lot of use cases of BitLabs benefit from integrating an offer wall and let the user chose, replacing an in-app purchase with an entire offer wall may seem a bit overwhelming for the user. Direct Link Fixed Reward will present the user with one survey to take to obtain whatever the in-app purchase would have given the user.

Set up minimum and maximum CPI

Setting up minimum and maximum CPI in the Publisher Dashboard for BitLabs Rewarded Surveys.

By setting a minimum CPI of $1, publishers can be sure to get paid at least one dollar for every survey completed. This makes it easy to replace the In-App purchase from our example above. In order to make sure users aren’t served with higher-paying surveys that take too long to justify completing it for the specific reward, we recommend setting up a maximum CPI as well.

The Result

Your users will now only see surveys that will pay you $1 and more upon completion. If they do not complete it, they don’t get the reward. Therefore you do not have to worry about giving your In-App Purchases for free. Users do not have to pay for using the app, publishers still get paid and do not have to rely on In-App Purchases or banner ads to monetize their app.

Saving Google’s and Apple’s Cut with Rewarded Surveys

Rewarded Surveys with BitLabs spark one more benefit over In-App Purchases that is often overlooked. With Google and Apple taking 30% of every app publishers revenue, an In-App Purchase for $1 only means 70 cents of extra revenue generated for the developers. With surveys, there is no such cut taken by the App Store. Our dashboard shows you exactly how much you have earned and you’ll get paid that monthly – no more deductions by the app store.