Offer Wall vs Direct Link

Offer Wall Mode

Which offer type is the right fit for your app?

Depending on how you reward your users, BitLabs needs to be set up for this use case. Don’t worry though, the technical implementation remains identical and the use case can be switched easily.

Best fit if your app has:

  • a virtual currency (credits, coins, tokens, etc.)
  • a real currency (as found in reward apps)
  • in-app economy

The offer wall is our best fit for every app that wants to give users a choice. After a few qualifying questions they will be faced with our offer wall. Most importantly, this gives users a choice between different categories, lengths, and difficulty of surveys. This freedom of choice leads to higher user satisfaction and more completes and works perfectly for apps that offer a form of in-app currency.

Direct Link Mode

Best fit if your app has:

  • levels or characters to unlock
  • In-App Purchases, for which you would like to offer a different way to obtain the feature/skin/level…

Direct Link is our way of connecting one specific survey with a reward. Users are presented with just one survey to take. Upon completion, you can set up a specific reward. For example, let’s imagine your app multiple characters, which can be unlocked by purchasing each of them for $1. You can set up a Direct Link Survey with BitLabs and set the minimum CPI to $1. This way you are guaranteed to earn just as much for the character to be unlocked, and the user doesn’t have to make an in-app purchase.