Three unique ways to monetize a Dating App in 2020

Dating Apps have made their way into our culture and are growing rapidly in terms of users and popularity. In terms of revenue, most of them rely on ad revenue and premium subscriptions to monetize their app. Generating revenue these ways has a few disadvantages, as ads usually interrupt the user experience and premium subscriptions are often avoided by a large part of the userbase. In this article, we go over three unique ways of monetizing a dating app with rewarded surveys without the disadvantages of advertising and in-app purchases.

Offer free swipes for taking a survey

Swiping is a mechanic that has made it into almost every dating app out there. How about giving your users extra swipes for completing a survey? While users find it annoying to not be able to swipe endlessly, that feature alone does not justify a subscription for a lot of users. BitLabs Router Link is a great solution to this problem. After or aside of asking the user to buy a subscription to your dating app, you can offer to take a survey instead.

Dating App with BitLabs Rewarded Surveys integrated. You can choose a survey and get a feature for it. Monetizing a dating app with the BitLabs SDK has great advantages.

Here’s how it works: If the user decides to take a survey, he or she will be redirected directly to a survey. The router link strips away the traditional offer wall and focuses on conversions and user experience. Our algorithm automatically redirects your user to the best converting, highest paying survey available. Once the survey is complete, the user gets rewarded with a few extra swipes.

This method is a great example of how to keep the app clean of advertising and at the same time monetizing the audience that is not willing to pay for a premium subscription.

Allow earning in-app credits with rewarded surveys

The chances of your dating app already having some form of credit system are pretty high. Most dating apps use credits, karma points or points as a more dynamic approach to reward users or limit certain behaviors, like messaging users that are not a match. Credits for that are often sold as in-app purchases, but a lot of users are not willing to spend money on your app. However, the curiosity of who is on the other side of a blurred out match can be tempting. This is why answering a few questions often seems reasonable to find out what a potential date could look like.

Dating App Offerwall. BitLabs Rewarded Surveys in Offerwall Mode allows you to monetize dating apps

Temporarily removing Ads

App monetization is based on video and banner ads, which unsurprisingly is not appreciated by the user but necessary for developers to make a living. But what about giving the user a choice by offering a deal?

Alternative to ads for app monetization: rewarded surveys can replace mobile ads for a specific time in order to get more app revenue

If users can take a survey to get rid of ads for a period of time, it improves your app’s revenue as well as the user experience. A survey complete by a US user averages around $1.50 for our publishers, much more than the ad revenue for one user could ever reach in a day. This is why your earnings would most likely increase by offering an ad-free experience for a limited time after the user has completed their rewarded survey. Once the users have experienced your app with out the hassle of ads, they may feel incentivised to sign up for your premium subscription, that gets rid of ads forever.


Rewarded surveys can close the gap between premium and non-paying users to complete a wholesome monetization strategy that maximizes your app’s revenue. App monetization with rewarded surveys is a unique approach, that allows monetizing an app without sacrificing on user experience. The topics of the surveys are based on the interests that users share with BitLabs, instead of being tracked. Therefore you will not have to worry about running into compliance issues with GDPR and App Store policies (Read more about that). As revenue from surveys outperforms the regular incentive-based ad market, integrating rewarded surveys to your dating app as shown in our examples above should notably increase your app’s revenue. After all, app monetization with rewarded surveys does not have to be your entire app monetization strategy. It can seamlessly be added to your monetization mix.