BitLabs For Crypto Projects

Let users earn Crypto with Rewarded Surveys

Configure our SDK to display your desired token and let your userbase earn crypto for taking part in surveys.

Used by amazing Games worldwide
Fully customizable SDK

Make users feel like rewarded surveys are meant for your app.

We have created an SDK that is fully customizable to fit your website or mobile app. Set colors, custom currencies and so much more right from our dashboard. No update needed!

Custom Reward Currency

Change your BitLabs Configuration on the fly by editing your token, conversion rate or design without changing any code.

Completely versatile Rewards

Reward users in well-known tokens, distribute your own token or even unlock features. What your users can earn on your platform is completely up to you. 

How we compare to other monetization options (baseD on U.S. users)
Average eCPM


Conversion rate


AVG Amount per completion


Secure your Survey Earnings

Supreme Survey Experience for your Crypto App

Even when users don't complete the survey, we'll still pay a marginal reward for every attempt to motivate your users.

If you are paying your users in crypto, you should receive crypto from us, too! We'll pay in 5 crypto currencies, PayPal or bank wire.

There are plenty of surveys for people interested in crypto. Benefit from very high conversion rates and high-paying surveys.

Ad tracking has been mostly banned with iOS 14. BitLabs' SDK is not affected by this at all as we don't track your users.

Maximize your earnings

Best in class fraud monitoring & protection

We want to be the monetization platform that you don't have to worry about.

Fully managed Security Settings

We will constantly analyze your traffic for bots and malicious users and automatically adapt security settings to give you the best return possible.

Automatic Reversals

Make use of our automated reconciliation system to prevent financial damage from unjustified payouts.

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