OPerating modes

Boost your app's earnings with BitLabs surveys.

Let users complete surveys to earn your in-app currency or to unlock paid content. Or both.

Advanced Dashboard

Stay in full control of your earnings

With our dashboard, you can customize the appearance of our offerwall, monitor your earnings and switch between our advanced mediation algorithms.

Customize the SDK in real time.

Change colors, appearance, upload custom currency icons and conversion rates.

Take control of the surveys in your app.

Set up minimum conversion rates, operating modes and minimum earnings per completions comfortably on our dashboard.

BitLabs Dashboard showing total revenue earned over a set time.

Make BitLabs look just like your app

Our advanced customization options will allow you to change colors, currency icons, conversion rates and so much more. Make changes in real time, no coding needed.

How we compare to other monetization options (baseD on U.S. users)
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Conversion rate


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With our versatile SDKs, rewarded surveys can be added in no time


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