Fully customizable SDK

90% of your users do not make in-app purchases.

Level up your game's monetization: Start generating revenue from non-paying users with our rewarded survey offerwall.

Used by amazing Games worldwide
Fully customizable SDK

Make users feel like rewarded surveys are meant for your app.

We have created an SDK that is fully customizable to fit your app. Set colors, custom currencies and so much more right from our dashboard. No update needed!

Custom Reward Currency

Individualize our offerwall to show rewards in diamonds, tokens or any in-game currency of your choice.

Versatile Rewards

Remove ads or enable boosts for survey completes instead of distributing coins - the reward is up to you.

Diversify your monetization strategy

Here's how we level up your Game

Even when users don't complete the survey, we'll still pay a marginal reward for every attempt to motivate your users.

When taking rewarded surveys, users will never have to leave your app. Also, your users won't be forced to idle through the same ad multiple times.

Surveys target users that are invested into your game and want to spend 10-20 minutes engaging with surveys while publishers earn the equivalent of a medium In-app Purchase.

Users will always stay inside your app. That's why BitLabs will remain unaffected by future iOS or Android tracking regulations.

How we compare to other monetization options (baseD on U.S. users)
Average eCPM


Conversion rate


AVG Amount per completion


Analytics Dashboard

Gain valuable Insights about who is playing your Game

Our admin dashboard will always keep you on top of your game. Analyze your earnings, get an idea of who is playing your game and configure your payment settings all in one place.

Analyze Your Earnings

Change our offerwall to show rewards in diamonds, tokens or any in-game currency of your choice.

Get to Know Your Players

Our demographic information about your players who are participating in surveys helps you understand who is actively playing your game.

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