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Advantages of using BitLabs

Higher eCPM
Our surveys deliver a significantly higher eCPM compared to rewarded videos or traditional offer-walls. We out performance most of the well known networks out there.
Global Fill
Regardless of where a user comes from, the availability of thousands of surveys allows us to monetize each user. Our service is translated into the local language.
Best Experience
Instead of losing users to other apps displayed through advertising, monetization through surveys offers a secure way to make money from active users. Our System will optimize for experience.
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BitLabs SDK is for everyone

We offer various integration options so that we have the perfect connection for every situation. Our surveys can be integrated via API, Offer-Wall, Direct Link or Native SDK.
Every Platform
Whether desktop, tablet or mobile, independent of iOS, Android or web - our surveys are customized for the device and platform.
Data Protection
We have the highest standard of privacy measures in our systems and are fully GDPR-Compliant. If you have any questions feel free to ask our experts.
Intuitive integration
Most of our partners integrate us within a few minutes. Even special solutions can be realized quickly due to our many years of experience.

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If you need help, feel free to visit our Help Center .