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Introducing the most powerful way of monetization you’ve ever seen. Bring AI-powered, rewarded surveys to your app today.

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Countries Supported


Available Surveys

Here’s what your users will see



Our profiler asks questions to find the right surveys for each user.


Users choose their favorite survey from our offerwall.

Taking the Survey

The surveys take only a few minutes and ask engaging and relevant questions.


Once the survey is completed, you get paid. Now you can reward your user with in-app currency, items or an extra level.

Advantages of BitLabs

Get paid every time a user starts a survey.

Sometimes the survey provider decides that the person taking the survey is not qualified. To make sure your audience still enjoys our surveys, we pay a marginal award of 1 cent for taking the survey and being disqualified, so you can reward your users a fractional amount of gems or credits to keep them motivated!


Globally High Fill Rates

Connecting to 7 survey marketplaces, we always have matching surveys for your audience.


Better eCPMs

Profit from significantly higher eCPMs compared to rewarded videos or traditional advertising.


Monthly Payouts

We follow a NET-30 payout routine, so you get to withdraw your revenue earlier.

Useful Resources for Everybody

Questions & Answers

Find answers to your questions around BitLabs, Rewarded Surveys, as well as Payment and Revenue Prospects for your integration.

Publisher Documentation

Learn how to integrate BitLabs using our SDK or see how to get BitLabs running with a WebView Solution. Don’t forget to reach out for questions.

Articles & Videos

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