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Meet mGamer app

Android app mGamer grants users rewards for completing various tasks. Participants can take surveys, play games, watch videos and many more. For their activities, users earn coins that they can redeem to game currencies and cash prizes. mGamer is one of the biggest reward apps in India with more than 10 million installs.  

In our cooperation with mGamer, we concentrated on providing the superior surveys’ experience to the app’s targeted audience – Indian users. The surveys are presented in users’ native language and have variety of engaging topics.  

Focus on the audience’s needs has brought excellent results. mGamer’s  user count grew by 54 % just after 1 month of partnership.  

Our winning collaboration

mGamer uses BitLabs to reward its audience with coins for completed surveys. The partner displays BitLabs Offerwall using our Android SDK in his application. Users can easily reach our surveys via “Surveys Offers” tab.

Answering BitLabs surveys, mGamer’s users enjoy the straightforward rewards experience. They can choose from the different surveys’ subjects, know the exact number of coins they will receive and how much time the survey takes. BitLabs provides mGamer’s audience with the diversity of surveys, including simple 2-5 minutes surveys. Because of the app’s low payout threshold, these short surveys became an excellent option for users who would like to withdraw their rewards in a small amount of time.

Moreover, BitLabs grants users a 1 cent reward  if they don’t match the intended target audience. Our screenout rewards keep users motivated and inspire them to participate in more surveys, earning their favorite rewards.  

In our collaboration with mGamer, we continuously worked on integration and performance improvement. After some tests, the conversion rate optimized survey algorithm demonstrated excellent results - the completion per user increased by 96%.  

Throughout the first three months of their BitLabs Integration, mGamer’s revenue increased by 86%. Seeing such a great popularity of BitLabs surveys among users, mGamer moved our collaboration to the next level. BitLabs became featured at mGamer’s home screen at a top “Take a survey” tab.  

How featuring BitLabs influenced the success of mGamer performance

After testing different survey offerwalls, mGamer decided that BitLabs will be the first and main option for users to take part in market research and get rewarded. The impact it had on mGamer performance was positive:

  • The number of users has increased from 13.000 to 41.000 after one month and is constantly growing
  • The average revenue per user grew by 98%
  • CPI boosted by 21%

Through our continuous long-term partnership, we make sure mGamer audience enjoys intuitive user experience and instant payouts. As we are constantly enhancing our product’s features and survey algorithms, mGamer is capable of continuously improving its performance, while enlarging the number of satisfied users.