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What is Blockreward? 

Blockreward is a free rewards app that enables anyone to earn points for their online activities and redeem for crypto rewards. Answer surveys, try new apps, watch videos and more to earn reward points. Redeem reward points for crypto rewards directly to an Uphold wallet.

How is Blockreward using BitLabs?

Blockreward is using BitLabs to provide rewarded surveys to users who earn reward points for every completed survey. In the beginning, the partnership started out with a simple iFrame integration of the BitLabs Survey Offerwall.

As the developers of Blockreward are working hard to have the best user experience for their users, they were looking to create a native survey experience. That is when they switched from our iFrame to an API integration, which allowed them to completely customize the way surveys are delivered. At the same time, Blockreward can still rely on a constantly improving survey mediation by BitLabs.

How did the switch to the API impact the success of surveys on Blockreward?

Within a month of switching to the API, we could already see interesting results and feedback from the end users.

  • The native experience was well received, surveys became a real part of Blockreward.
  • While increasing the user count by 12%, the average revenue per user increased by 78%.
  • Users do not have to qualify at multiple survey partners. Instead, they are building their profile with BitLabs and are getting new surveys every day without having to re-qualify every time with different offerwall providers.

Blockreward is a great example of a long and successful partnership. Over time, we were able to improve the integration together by testing different algorithms and settings to maximize both user experience and revenue. We are seeing that because of this close partnership and Blockreward's high standards regarding panel management, users tend to stay for a very long time and are satisfied with the survey integration.