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BitLabs June Update for Publishers

June 11, 2021

Over the past few months, we have worked hard on making BitLabs better for both publishers and users. Find out what you can do to enhance your user experience. This update is all about customization. We have made sure that no matter which product you are using, our Offerwall can adapt and fit in perfectly.

Design Customizations

Our offerwall has been customizable for quite a while, but now we have taken it one step further. You can fully customize the colors of every part of the offerwall, including the background. As you can see by the images, this can really help integrate BitLabs into your site and get a close to native look without integrating the API. We are always investigating new ways for customization and you will see more options popping up on the dashboard in the next few weeks.

Apart from the big design changes, we have also made smaller ones that will motivate the user to take surveys. For example, your icons are now set to display right in the survey list. Therefore your users will be able to tell exactly how much they are earning from each survey, directly associated with your in-app currency. Are you rewarding your users in real currency? We got you covered, too! You can now replace your icon with any text, such as "BTC" or "$".

Redesigned Developer Dashboard

While our Offerwall and Router Link keep evolving and receive more features as time goes by, we want to keep the integration simple for developers to integrate BitLabs. The newly added tabbed design will help you navigate to the right settings. As time progresses, each tab will be filled with a lot more options to customize your app or website. By explaining every setting right on the dashboard, configuring your app has gotten a lot easier and quicker. Live previews have also been added to simulate your changes to sorting algorithms. All in all, it is now a lot easier to get started with BitLabs or to adapt your existing app to make it perfect for your use case.

We hope you and your users enjoy these updates! We are working hard to create the best survey monetization product available to mobile app and website developers. Should there be anything missing in our feature set, please feel free to reach out and we will address it in one of the future updates.

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