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October Update: 73 Countries, Demo Mode and more!

November 2, 2021

Over the summer, the BitLabs team has been working hard to refine the offerwall to make it an even better rewarded monetization solution for your app or website. We made it easier to design and implement the offerwall, added reconciliation callback support and most importantly, newly supported countries.

Reversal Callback Support

The market research world relies on honest and qualitative answers to their surveys. This is why in some cases, survey rewards are being reconciled if a user answered a survey dishonestly. In order to protect our publishers, we have added support for reconciliation callbacks. This way, whenever a survey complete is reversed, an automatic callback is sent to deduct the user's balance or take other actions against the users. This gets rid of the manual transaction log and helps to prevent fraudulent payouts for reward sites. You can set up the reconciliation callback on the implementation page of your app on the BitLabs dashboard.

Now Supporting 73 Countries

BitLabs is now supporting 73 countries! This means we have more than doubled the countries you can supply with rewarded surveys. A full list of countries supported can be found below. Please remember to whitelist all of these countries for your BitLabs integration, so that your users in the newly added countries can benefit from this change.

Full List of Supported Countries & new countries added

Offerwall Enhancements

We are continuously improving the offerwall, and we are excited about the changes that are coming Q4. In the last few weeks, we have incrementally improved the offerwall by making the qualification process more enjoyable and making small changes to the design.

First, we made sure your offerwall looks great - also in dark mode. Now all texts adapt automatically to color changes, making dark mode themes look a lot better. Try it out for yourself on our Design Dashboard!

Secondly, the qualification process has been updated with more explanatory text and motivating progress bars, so that your users know when their profile is complete. We have seen this increases the user's happiness and engagement, and we are excited to roll out the newly designed qualification flow to all apps.

Easier to set up - Dashboard Improvements

We know your Offerwall integration is not your main project, otherwise, you would be working on our team 😉. That is why we are making the integration process a lot easier for people that are new to offerwalls. We have reworked the implementation page so that setting up your callback is a lot easier than before. You simply define the names for the information you want to receive in the callback and select the variables from a dropdown menu. Once you are done, we generate the callback link for you. No more typing out variables. Also, we added code samples to help you understand how to secure your callbacks with our hashing system.

We also made testing a lot easier. Now you can test your callback functionality with our newly added demo mode, instead of trying surveys yourself. Just switch it on and get three surveys which automatically complete when you start them. This cuts your testing time significantly.

Not only the technical part but also the design part of the integration has been improved. We have added a live preview of the offerwall to the dashboard so that you can configure exactly how you want the offerwall to look without going to a live version of the app. This makes the design process more precise and more straightforward. We are looking forward to seeing your new designs, so feel free to give them a try!

Feedback and Questions

Do you have any questions regarding this update? Are there any features you are waiting for? Please just let us know by contacting your personal account manager. We are always excited to add new features and help you grow your app's revenue. Thank you for using BitLabs.

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