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The future of mobile monetization without targeted in-app advertising

March 11, 2021

The European Parliament has voted for tighter regulations on personalized advertising. Members of the Parliament called on the commission to phase out and ban targeted advertising. Mobile monetization relies heavily on targeted and personalized in-app advertising to create revenue. Find out how to diversify mobile revenue with rewarded surveys.

App Publishers rely on targeted advertising to monetize their apps. Targeted advertising is a form of online advertising customized to fit the user’s needs and interests. Advertisers discover this information by tracking the user’s activity on the internet and throughout their devices. This practice is now under attack by the European Union.

Publishers are dependent on online tracking to finance their apps. Without personalized advertising, publishers could start to lose significant portions of their revenue. When advertisers cannot promote their product to their intended audience, they are not willing to pay as much as for targeted users. Without targeted advertising, traditional mobile ad revenue will shrink.

The German Member of the European Parliament Timo Wölken attacks personalized advertising

MEP Timo Wölken in the parliament - Wölken supportes the phase out and ban of targeted ads and personalized ads
Tiemo Wölken © European Union 2019 – Source : EP

“I am pleased that the Parliament has supported my call to the Commission to phase out and eventually ban personalized online advertising in the European Union. In doing so, the Parliament is demonstrating its courage to take action against business models that cause great harm to society” – MEP Timo Wölken (SPD)

MEPs want to provide users with more control over what they see online, including opt-out of content curation altogether. They argue that targeted advertising must be regulated more strictly in favor of less intrusive, contextualized forms of advertising that require fewer data. MEPs also call on the Commission to further assess options for regulating targeted advertising, including a phase-out leading to a ban.

Rewarded surveys are unaffected by the ban and promise stable revenue streams for mobile monetization

BitLabs is a platform that allows app publishers to monetize their user’s opinions. Market research has become more and more important over the last years. BitLabs never tracks its users and offers complete transparency. The user gives his idea freely and can access all information he or she has shared with our platform. There is no need for tracking a user’s usage of other apps or their browsing activities. All information used is provided by the user, with their full consent to process the data

We have always been convinced that Rewarded Surveys are the future of rewarded advertising. The European Parliament’s decision to phase out targeted ads makes us even more confident in our product. BitLabs only uses data provided by the user. There is no tracking of other activities, and BitLabs users stay anonymous.

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