Poll Pay: Earn Gift Cards by taking Surveys

Platform the user is accessing BitLabs with
iOS, Android, Web
User Count of the app using BitLabs
8 Million
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How Poll Pay helps 8 million users to earn their gift cards.

We founded Poll Pay 3 years ago, intending to provide easy access to paid surveys. In the beginning, we used many different survey offer walls to get the most out of each user.

After a few months, we decided to found our own rewarded survey network, to get rid of the many different sources for surveys and combine them to just one - BitLabs was found.

The advantages of this approach are obvious:
  • Better User Experience by reducing the choice of offer wall to just one for the user
  • Fewer Qualifications because users do not have to put in the same information to several sources
  • Higher Conversion Rates through the consistent mediation of surveys
The results were astonishing (US)
  • Conversion Rate increased from 9% to over 20%+
  • Earnings per Click (EPC) almost doubled from $0.21 to $0.40
  • App rating is now 4.5+ stars
  • ARPUPD jumped to over $1.10

Check out the App or Web-Version of Poll Pay here: https://pollpay.app

Poll Pay is using our API and iFrame to get the surveys to the users.