Get BitLabs running with any other framework like React, Flutter, or many others.

This article shows you how to integrate our Offer Wall, Router Link into your App.

1. Get your API Key

Sign up for a new developer account and create a new App. Copy your App Token to initiate the Offer Wall.

2. Open the Offer Wall

Open the Offer Wall URL in any kind of Web-View:


3. Adjust some Settings

We recommend the following settings to your Web-View:

  • Enable JavaScript to support all survey types
  • Disable any option to go forward/backward navigation in the Web-View
  • Display a small X in the upper right corner to close the Web-View
  • As soon as the URL in the Web-View does not contain "web.bitlabs.ai" anymore, change the X in the upper corner to a back button. In case the user hits this button, set the URL of the Web-View to the original one (https://web.bitlabs.ai/?uid=[UUID]&token=[YOUR_API_TOKEN]). This will enable the user to leave a single survey instead of quitting the entire offer wall.

4. Set up your callbacks

Setting up callbacks can be done on the dashboard. Follow the instructions and examples in our Server to Server Callback Article to properly set up callbacks.

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